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Bharat Bharat Sevashram Sangha Pranav Children World School is a Co-Educational english medium school which was established by the great educationist and scholar Sanyasin Shreemat Swami Buddhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Bharat Sevashram Sangha and affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi for Secondary(10+2)in the year 2013. This school is governed by Bharat Sevashram Sangha , a philanthropic socioreligious organisation founded by the illustrious patriot-saint Acharya Shreemat Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj.The Managing Committee of the school consists of eminent educationists of the city besides scholar sanyasins of the Sangha.


We believe that this is not only a school, but an extension of your home, this is really a children's world blessed by Shreemat Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj. This second home believes in the dignity and worth of each student and recognises the importance of students responsibility to the nation and world community. Our school emphasizes on the all round development of the children.


We, the students of B.S.S.P.C.W. believe in -

  • Being loyal ,truthful, gentle & honest.
  • Being the true citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
  • Being friendly and helpful to one another in & outside the school.
  • Avoiding any vulgarity in our approach and behaviour.
  • Maintaining discipline & self control during class hours & recess periods.
  • Being punctual in everything we are involved in.
  • Being always ready to given helping hand at Ashram, at home, in school campus & also outside the school campus.
  • Respecting people as children of God & hence not to make fun of old , the poor or the handicapped.
  • Respecting all the members of the school staff and all visitors to the school.
  • Behaving in such a way that we are praised by others wherever we go.



  • Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the session which commences in the first week of April.
  • For admission to any class the students must be pass an Entrance Test. The prescribed age criteria of candidates for different classes will be strictly adhered to. No changes in date of birth will be entertained hereafter.
  • For admission to Nursery ,L.Kg. and U.Kg. the following age criteria will be strictly followed :
  •         Nursery :21/2 yrs. - 31/2 yrs.
            L.Kg :31/2 yrs. - 41/2 yrs.
            U.Kg :41/2 yrs. - 51/2 yrs.
  • For admission to classes other than Nursery, L.Kg. and U.kg., a valid Transfer Certificate has to be produced along with the proof of age.
  • The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application without having to assign any reason.
  • From Std. L.Kg. to Std . VIII, admission is restricted purely on the basis of merit followed by an Entrance Test in English, Hindi & Mathematics .
  • At the time of admission, parents have to submit duly attested photocopy of birth certificate, transfer certificate (original) & report card of previous class (original).
  • (a) A month's written notice and a month's fee with T.C. fee of Rs. 25.00 is required to be deposited prior to the withdrawal of student. A Transfer Certificate will not be issued unless all the dues are paid.
    (b) Character Certificate for outgoing students will be issued only after a payment of Rs. 25.00 as token fee. All these applications will have to be written by the parents duly signed.
  • (a) School fees to be taken by on line as per the instruction of Govt. to follow cashless procedure.


  • As regular attendance is important for successful work , a previously written application for leave more than 3 days must invariably be submitted.
  • In case of one or two day's leave, student has to produce leave application duly signed by his/her parents in the Absence Record of the Prospectus and show it to the class teacher the following day.
  • Every student must be present on the reopening day of school after Summer, puja and Winter vacations failing which, their names will be struck off from the roll.
  • Continuous absence for more than 10 days without leave application will be considered equivalent to the withdrawal of the student from school and readmission has to be taken.
  • A fitness certificate must be produced for absence due to contagious disease.
  • Students will be allowed sectional religious holidays on previously written application from parents.
  • At the end of the session, a student (Std. I-IX) must have 90% attendance failing which he or she will not be promoted to next higher class.
  • For students of Std. X. 75% attendance is must failing which he or she will not be permitted to sit for C.B.S.E. Final Examination.


  • Students are expected to arrive at the school before the assembly bell. The school gate will be closed five minutes after the warning bell.
  • A student who is not habitually clean or properly dressed in full school uniform, will be sent home.
  • No student of BSSPCW is permitted to drive a motorized vehicle.
  • Student should not ride their cycles in the school campus. Cycles must be kept locked in the cycle shed.
  • Students must not scratch or spoil the desk, write in chalk or pencil on the wall or in any way damage school property. Damages done should be reported at once. Even if it is caused by accident, the damage has to be repaired at its cost.
  • No unauthorized book, magazines , comics or papers may be brought to school without the permission of the principal.
  • The school is not responsible for loss of any gods belonging to the students. They are therefore advised not to bring large sums of money or expensive articles to school.
  • Students are not permitted to bring any dangerous articles such as Knives, Razor-blades, Guns, Daggers, Fire crackers etc. nor are they allowed to bring Cameras, Mobile- phones, or other Electronic articles to school. If these things are found, they will be confiscated and will not be returned.
  • Going out of the school campus at any time during class hours, smoking or eating panmasalas are strictly forbidden.
  • All students of BSSPCW are expected to -
  • - Show respect to all the teachers.
    - avoid shouting, whistling or running about in the school building
    - avoid using indecent language.
    - avoid throwing paper stones etc anywhere in or around the school premises , except in the bins provided for the purpose.
    - observe all the rules of good conduct on the various and on the street while coming to or returning from school.
  • The following are not allowed
  • - ornaments
    - eye makeup
    - henna
    - nail polish
    - tattoo

    About Bsspcw

    BSSPCW School is a Co-Educational english medium school which was established by the great educationist and scholar Sanyasin Shreemat Swami Buddhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Bharat Sevashram Sangha and affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi for Secondary(10+2)in the year 2013.

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